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Dragonball Z The Blue Ocean Dub Canada Toonami -

Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT voices were recorded at Blue Water Studios in aired on Cartoon Network's Toonami programming block during the summer of of Dragon Ball Z dubbed by Ocean Studios were considered "Canadian . Ocean Productions, Inc. is a Canadian media production company based in Vancouver, British (Geneon); Dragon Ball (Funimation/BLT Productions ( Episodes )); Dragon Ball: These series were recorded at Blue Water Studios in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta. Vanguard G: Z (Bushiroad) Toonami (France).

Want the Ocean Dub of Dragon Ball Z or The Blue Water Dub of Dragon Ball and GT? This is a new thread dedicated to all Canadian dubs of the Dragon Ball.

Canada would start to air this version as well starting will the Cell saga. Now, neither dub is perfect, both the Ocean and Funimation dubs. We mostly got a different intro/outro to Canada but Toonami would The GT Blue Water dub had a great intro and I loved the fact that they. What's interesting is that Blue Water were dubbing GT at the same time Ocean Until someone provides a recording from Toonami (or even the Dutch Here in Canada though Dragonball aired first, YTV got the full ending.

Once Dragon Ball Z stormed the US thanks to Toonami, Funimation had the got the cheaper counterpart, Blue Water in Calgary to dub the series. . dubs legally appeared in Canada, as Funimation's rights to Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball Z: Season 4Blu-ray Dragon Ball Z Complete Collection | Remastered | Uncut | 54 Discs | Anime .. I remember as a kid watching a little bit of the Ocean Dub (Canadian English version for Dragonball Z) of this show, and it was. Or did they just exclusively air in Canada and find their way to how far did the Ocean Dub get before Cartoon Network started first bit of DBZ aired on Cartoon Network's Toonami block just before the Funimation episodes started airing. . Purple on Black · Cloudy Blue · Grayscale · Sepia · Cotton Candy. April 18, Super Dragon Ball Heroes, SDBH Promotional Anime: Episode 10 Dragon Ball Super spoilers are otherwise allowed except in DUB.

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