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The Squaw Man 1914

The Squaw Man is a silent western drama film starring Dustin Farnum and directed by Cecil B. DeMille and Oscar Apfel. It was DeMille's directorial debut. The Squaw Man () Dustin Farnum and Red Wing in The Squaw Man () The Squaw Man () Dustin Farnum in The Squaw Man () The Squaw.

first film was a western, The Squaw Man (), about the love between an English nobleman and the Indian woman who dies for him. It was one of the first. The Squaw Man () A Silent Film Review. An upstart studio arrived in Hollywood and made this oater. The film is about a British gent. Betraying its origin, David Belasco's popular stage melodrama The Squaw Man reached the screen in February of , courtesy of the Jesse.

Cecil B. DeMille. The Squaw Man. USA. 35mm film (black and white, silent) . Gift of Paramount Pictures. Film.

The Squaw Man went on to become the only movie successfully filmed three The Squaw Man (known as The White Man in the United Kingdom) is a in.

Credits. Studio: Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company Released: February 23, Featured Cast: Dustin Farnum, Winifred Kingston, Red Wing, Monroe.

The Squaw Man () is the first film by director Cecil B. DeMille, and reputedly, the first feature film ever made in Hollywood (though some film scholars.

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