Rys Follows The Path (1982) Agasi Babayan.

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Rys Follows The Path (1982) Agasi Babayan Magnet

A wilderness drama about a Russian forest ranger and his tame lynx. Man and lynx aid each other in their survival and mission to protect wildlife against. Directed by Agasi Babayan. With Dmitriy Orlovskiy, Filimon Sergeyev, Sergey Yurtaykin, Igor Kashintsev. A sequel, ten years later, to the film The Path Towards .

Rys Follows the Path () Agasi Babayan. Director. Writing. Nikolai Kemarsky. Writer. Leonid Belokurov. Writer. Agasi Babayan. Writer. URL. By signing up. Lynx Follows the Path Le Lynx Kounak sort du sentier Rys vyhodit na tropu Рысь выходит . Agasi Babayan, Merab Parchaladze, Leonid Belokurov, Vitaliy Bianki , Other films from the series: “Lynx Follows the Path” (), «Lynx Returns». Рысь выходит на тропу. Directed by: Агаси Бабаян [Agasi Babayan]. Rated the # best film of Рысь выходит на тропу Lynx Follows the Path.

Download Subtitles for Rys Follows the Path. Rys Follows the Path () English Subtitles Leonid Belokurov; Agasi Babayan; Nikolai Kemarsky. Stars.

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